Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A New Monster Reported in Africa

Reports have recently been coming out of villages in northern Namibia, located on Africa’s southwest coast, of a new type of monster. It has been described as being mostly white, with a doglike head. Its shoulders and back are said to resemble those of a pig. It is said to have been seen attacking dogs, goats and other domestic animals.

It is not known whether this animal is the same or similar to creatures that reportedly attacked and sucked the blood out of livestock, including goats, in July 2009 in the same region. This story, of course, bears a remarkable resemblance to activities ascribed to chupacabras in South America and the North American southwest. No one reported actually seeing the attackers, although supposedly the creatures left footprints that resembled those of very large dogs. Police attempted to track the animals, only to find that the trail vanished abruptly in an open field.

Not surprisingly, villagers believe the monster is the product of black magic, and some believe it was created by an old man rumored to be a warlock. It seems that many people in the area still believe in sorcery and magic. In recent years there have been several stories of people in various parts of Africa being killed because they were suspected of being sorcerers or witches.

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Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Bizarre Story of Composer Franz Josef Haydn’s Head

Austrian composer Franz Josef Haydn died on May 31, 1809 in his beloved Vienna. On June 15, he was laid to rest in Hundsthrum churchyard. Then, only two days later, grave robbers hired by the warden of the local prison dug up the old composer and removed his head. The warden, it seems, had a theory that a person’s intelligence could be determined by the shape of the skull, and he thought Haydn’s skull would make a perfect subject for study.
That was only the beginning of the strange journey of Franz Josef Hayden’s head, which traveled on, passing from one owner to another, for the next 145 years. If you’d like to read the full details of this story, look here